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Directions to Country Club Village
From Charleston  
Take Interstate 64 West going towards Huntington. You will take the Kanawha Turnpike exit, which is exit #55. Once you get to the bottom of the exit ramp you can only go one way. You follow the road until you come to 2 red lights in a row. You go straight through the first red light and at the second light you will make a left.

From Huntington
Take Interstate 64 East going towards Charleston. You will take the McCorkle Ave/S. Charleston Exit, which is Exit #54. At the bottom of the exit ramp you will make a right. Almost immediately, you will come to another red light, at this light you will make a right onto Jefferson Road. You will go straight until you come to the next red light with a set of rail road tracks underneath it. You will go straight through the light and up the hill. From South Ridge Take 119 North and get off of the Davis Creek/S. Charleston Exit #106. Make a left at the bottom of ramp. Follow that Road Until you come to a red light, make a left at that light. You will come to another red light almost immediately, at that light you will make another left, and proceed up the hill.